EN04 Police Cartridge-Tattoo Cartridge Needle


  • 100% E.O Gas sterilized
  • High elasticity membrane
  • 316L stainless steel needle point
  • Medical components
  • Compatible with all kinds of rotary machine
  • OEM and ODM
  • Free sample available
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Police Cartridge EN04 is professional tattoo cartridges needle tailored for rotary machine. Safe and hygienic working thanks to one-piece plastic housing and patented safety membrane. 

Item Tattoo cartridges needle
No. Police catridges- EN04
Configurations Liner/Shader/Magnum/Magnum softedge
Application Rotary tattoo machine
Diameter 10# (0.3mm) / 12# (0.35mm)
Taper M(3.5mm) / L(5.5mm) / X(7.0mm)
OEM Available

Police Cartridge Sterilized Tattoo Needles  —  Box of 20pcs Needles

Police Cartridge Tattoo Needles EN04 has set the standard for quality and performance of tattoo needle cartridges in the industry, providing artists with the sharpest, durable needle points and offering maximum tattoo ink insertion.  Cartridge needles EN04 are manufactured from 316 stainless steel with the addition of tin made with silver, not lead, to ensure the needles bars never rust. Each needle is finished with a fabric wheel, cleaned with water instead of chemicals to remove traces of dust, and polished for the best quality look and performance.

This configurations listing of this best tattoo needle cartriges including : #12 standard  and #10 BugPin needles,  These needles have a #10 (0.30mm) diameter and a 3.5mm extra long taper. Please check below to select your desired sizes

Compared with universal tattoo cartridge, red design that enables this tattoo pen needle to be unique and high elasticty membrane that possibly make this best tattoo needle cartridges be the game changer in this market.

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Each needle is Ethylene Oxide (EO) gas sterilized, individually packaged, and labeled with the needle type, lot number, expiration date, and compatible tube/tip.

Super tight round liner tattoo cartridge needle (RLT) used by professional tattoo artisis for sophisticated lining,and Semi-texture tattoo cartridges(STX) has the advantages that it could hang the inks longer and easy to color.