TI4002-5-10- Stigma Tattoo ink


  • 100% new brand and high quality. Favored among professional tattoo technicians.
  • Color stability,Easy to use, pure color.Durable and low consumption. Safe and easy to use, long duration.Create dynamic shades and easy absorption into the skin.
  • Stigma Tattoo Ink Skin easily absorb pigment, no fade after the repair, color is very positive.
  • Shading and liner. This ink blends well with other pre-made washes.Package include:1/6oz (5ml)/ Bottle.
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High quality Stigma tattoo ink for professional lining and shading,which meets your design and creative ideas.


Item Stigma tattoo ink
No. TI4002-5-10
Configurations 10 colors/per set
Application Body tattoo 
Volume available 5ml/8ml/15ml/30/60ml/120ml
OEM Available