TP502 Disposable Tattoo Needle Tip


  • Sterile, disposable needle tips for hygienic and safe work
  • Solution for almost every standard needle type in 3 sizes and shapes
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Thanks to the eco-friendly material, the disposable tattoo grips fit perfectly for all sizes of standards needle. 


Item Disposable Tattoo needle tips
No. TP502
Color Brown
Application Traditional tattoo needle
Box 50pcs
Round tips(RT) 3RT / 5RT / 7RT / 9RT / 11RT / 13RT / 15RT
Flat tips (FT) 5FT / 7FT / 9FT / 11FT / 13FT / 15FT
Diamond tips (DT) 3DT / 5DT / 7DT / 9DT / 11DT / 14DT
OEM Available